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· 2 min read

Reminderz Launch Title Image

As more and more teams have transitioned to remote work and collaboration, the use of chat and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed. At the same time, working from home can be a disaster of distractions, making it easy to lose track of tasks, to-dos, and deadlines. That's why at ChitChattr, we're excited to announce the launch of our latest app: Reminderz, the bot for Microsoft Teams that helps you stay on top of your tasks and never forget an important deadline again.

· 2 min read

Quicklinks Launch Title Image

Are you tired of constantly sharing the same links with your colleagues and forgetting which tool you used to send which link? Do you wish you had a place to store your own personal links to web content and also to things inside Microsoft Teams, like chats, documents and channels? Look no further than Quicklinks: the newest app from ChitChattr designed to simplify link-sharing in Microsoft Teams.

· 2 min read

Launch Title Image

Are you tired of clunky communication tools and scattered productivity apps that hinder your team's collaboration efforts? Look no further than ChitChattr, a SaaS startup that aims to create multiple apps for the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform letting you do more right from within the main tool that's running all the time. Our vision is to revolutionize the way teams collaborate within the Microsoft Teams platform, and our apps are designed to do just that.